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Monday, November 24, 2008

Book Meme Tag

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My fellow blogger, Beth from Beth's Thoughts, has tagged me with this meme . . .

1. What book is on the left hand side of your computer or closest to the left hand side?

2. Are you reviewing it, is it your favourite, or is it there for some other reason and specify.

3. Go to page 38 and write down from the 2nd paragraph, the first 4 sentences.

4. Tag 4 friends and pass them this avatar.

Here is my answer:

1. Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire

2. I like to read and I liked the movie so I thought I'd give the book a try. So far it has been a kinda slow reading and its pretty weird.

3. There are only two sentences in this paragraph: " It was detachment that made this possible, a sublime loneliness with which Lestat and I moved through the world of moral men. And all material troubles passed from us, I should tell you the practical nature of it."

4. I'm probably not going to pass this on, but you may if you'd like.

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  1. Nice one! I'm glad you accepted the tag.

  2. On a totally unrelated topic:

    You have been tagged - a scattegories tag.

    have fun!
    Ok, this is just like the meme!


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