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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jenga Drinking Game: Rules, Labels, and Tips

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Boardgames can be a lot of fun . . . when excessive drinking is involved. Jenga is the best game for parties. All you need is the game, a marker, 2 or more players, booze, and a little creativity. A steady hand and concentration is also required (of which toasted people find difficult to grasp). The result is a quick game with lots of laughs and an interesting after game of crawling on the floor to pick up the pieces.

Consider this site your ultimate Jenga drinking game resource. The following Jenga related links and ideas are the best the web has to offer.

Basic Instructions

What you need:
The game Jenga
A pen
Large quantities of alcohol (ie. Rev, Holy Water, Sexy Beer)

What to do:
Mark the Jenga pieces with different rules and demands that relate to the party.

Follow the rules of regular Jenga. Once a piece is pulled, the player must do what the piece indicates.

The Creativity Part

You can write anything you want on the pieces. has a huge list of ideas. You can write on the pieces before the game or have your guests write whatever they want.

Here are some of my favourites:

  1. Give/Take 1,2,3, or 4 (drinks)
  2. Strip (take off an item of clothing)
  3. Handswitch (player must play with their other hand for the rest of the game)
  4. Impression (do an impression of someone)
  5. Down the Hatch (finish your drink)
  6. Lurch/Gary Coleman (tallest/shortest player takes a drink)
  7. Beer Wench (you have to get everyone's drinks for the rest of the game)
  8. Name Genie (give all players a new name, everyone must address each other by their new name for the rest of the game)
  9. Rainbow Warrior (Pick a color. Everyone must drink 1 for every article of clothing they have on that contains that color.)
  10. Ru Paul (Switch seats with a person of the opposite gender.)

    Please feel free to comment on your ideas/faves.
On The Side
Anyone not involved in the match can make it interesting by betting on their favourite player.

Game Over
Before the game starts think of something humiliating the loser will have to do. Or if you don't want to be cruel make them clean up the game and setup a new one or chug a beer. Click here for a visual example from Youtube.
If you are able to achieve the optimal balance of booze and Jenga the game will be a huge success! Happy Drinking!

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  1. I've played just regular Jenga when we were drinking and it was just a buzz kill at first because we were so concentrated. But then it got more fun the more we drank.

  2. buzz kill?? time to let loose and not put too much effort in the small things in life.


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