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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Recommended Movie: Sweeney Todd

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I was surprised how much I liked this movie. I'm definetly not into musicals. At the movie theatre, in the opening scene, when Johnny Depp started singing I was thinking "OMG what was I thinking?". But I gave it a chance and I loved it!

I love Tim Burton's gothic style and I think Johnny Depp is a great actor.

What I liked most about the movie was the overall storyline and the amazing visuals. It was more like art than a movie. It just seemed to possess such fantastical quality and magic.

I was able to pick up an original copy of the play from the 1970's. It was also great and actually more adult.

It doesn't change my opinion of musicals (I f***ing hated Across the Universe). But it does support that it's great when Johnny Depp and Tim Burton team up.

Plot Summary from IMDB

"After hard years in exile for a crime he didn't commit, Benjamin Barker, now Sweeney Todd, returns to London to find his wife dead and his daughter in the hands of the evil Judge Turpin. In his anger, Sweeney goes on a murderous rampage on all London. With the help of Mrs. Lovett, he opens a barber shop in which he lures his victims with a charming smile before casually ending their lives with a flick of his razor across their necks. But not one man nor ten thousand men killed can satisfy Sweeney's lust for vengeance on those who've caused his years of pain."

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