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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Free Blog Backgrounds

Best Blogger Tips
I found some awesome (and free) blog backgrounds from The Cuteset Blog on the Block. It has a gallery of 283 backgrounds and is categorized into many styles/subjects. And they are really easy to install and they look professional.

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Free Blog Backgrounds Best Blogger Tips
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  1. Love the layouts.
    Thanks for being my first follower.

    Just letting you know I have tagged you with a meme

  2. I'm not exactly sure what a meme is, but yes, you answer the questions on your blog and then just leave a comment on mine (usually with my post of the same thing) that you have done it.

    You'll probably start getting a lot of them. They can be a lot of fun.
    Looking forward to seeing your answers.

  3. Hello! Thanks for the link to the backgrounds, I had to check it out and I've now got a new, more interesting look to my blog than the previous all white...all thanks to you! Have a nice day!


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