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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Grocery Saving Tips

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Don't let rising grocery prices get you down. There are several ways you can reduce your food bills; it just takes a little more effort.

1. Clip Coupons
2. Look for Sales
3. Compare Prices and Sales
4. Buy Cheaper Brands (i.e. President's Choice, No Name)
5. Cook Your Meals rather than Buying Frozen Premade Meals
6. Don't Eat Out
7. Make Your Own Coffee
8. Bring Lunches to Work/School
9. Don't Waste Food (save leftovers)
10. Write a Complete Grocery List and Stick to It (do not impulse buy)

These steps will require you to sacrifice conveinence and time for savings. But it may be worth it since our economy is currently facing a recession.

Visit these (Canadian) websites for more useful saving tips:

1. Free Grocery Saving Tips - saving tips, coupon tips, flyers from hundreds of stores, frugal recipes
2. Grocery Savings - create a grocery list and compare flyer prices
3. Simple Debt Free Living - not a Canadian site yet still very helpful
4. Frugal Shopper - finds coupons in your area

Health Check
Do not sacrifice your health for savings. Often junk food and frozen dinners can be cheaper than fresh foods. Your a college student, it's okay to eat a frozen dinner every now and then. Just keep in mind that you need to get your proper servings and nutrition for the day. Keeping a healthy diet will help you to ward of winter viruses and keep you focused on school work.

Discussion: Are clipping coupons really worth it? Best Blogger Tips
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