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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recommended Movie: The Princess Bride (1987)

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The Princess Bride was one of my favourite movies as a kid and it still is. It is a love story that is also funny and adventurous. There are a lot of well known actors in it including Andre The Giant (a wrestler) and Billy Crystal. I have probably watched this movie dozens of times. If you have seen it, let me know what you think.

Plot Summary (IMDB)

A kindly grandfather sits down with his grandson and reads him a bedtime story. The story is one that has been passed down through from father to son for generations. As the grandfather reads the story, the action comes alive. The story is a classic tale of love and adventure as the beautiful Buttercup is kidnapped and held against her will in order to marry the odious Prince Humperdinck, and Westley (her childhood beau, now returned as the Dread Pirate Roberts) attempts to save her. On the way he meets an accomplished swordsman and a huge, super strong giant, both of whom become his companions in his quest. They meet a few bad guys along the way to rescue Buttercup.

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