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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Winter Blues . . .

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Winter Approaching: Here in Southern Ontario it is starting to get cold. We just had a couple of really warm days (unseasonally warm for November) but it's all over now. It snowed once before Halloween but it didn't stay. Each day is getting colder. Soon there will be tons of snow and I will have to dress in dozens of layer just to go outside and i'll catch a couple of severe colds/flus.

Missing the Sun: Usually I am happy when summer is over because I am very uncomfortable in hot and humid temperatures. But this summer was mild and I had a lot of fun in the sun. So now (for the first time) I don't want the summer to be over.

Autumn Gone in a Flash: Fall is my favourite season. I love all the fall colours and wearing cozy sweaters. But it wasn't long this year, as usual, before the leaves just died and fell off the trees. Winter is approaching to quickly!

On the Bright Side: There are a lot of things I like about winter though. I like the sun but I elso enjoy the eerie comfort of a dark and cloudy winter day. The snow and landscape is beautiful. I love coming home after being in the cold and dressing into soft and dry clothes. . . and best of all warm socks! And of course I love Christmas even though I think people (and mainly corporations) go way overboard on the holly jolliness to soon.

In the End: I cannot change the weather no matter how much I wish I could. Like many people I will never be completely happy with the weather . . .winter is too cold and windy . . . summer is too hot and smoggy. Every year I just focus on the good aspects of each season because there is no point wishing for a different season all of the time. Best Blogger Tips
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