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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is it okay to skip class?

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What do you think . . . Is it okay to skip class?

In the Beginning: I start off each semester with a vow that I will go to every class and stay for the whole class. But that promise is worn off very quickly sometimes. This semester I will usually go to class but only stay for the first hour and a bit (each lecture is 3 hours). And sometimes I skip the class altogether.

Excuses: I think this is largely because the classes are pretty boring this year. The professors just cannot keep my interest and attention for too long. I have had classes that I find very interesting, its not like I have a problem with paying attention to things. Also skip class because there are a lot of distractions in my life. Not all of them are major but I have work and money to worry about. But I also am distracted by the fun things I want to do like reading, playing games, watching movies, going out, blogging, etc.

On the Bright Side: There is one class that I have not missed once this semester. . . financial management. Accounting and finance is not my strong area. I find these classes to be the most difficult so I go to learn as much as I can and get clarification. I do all of my homework (that will be graded), I do enough studying, and my grades are really good and stable.

My Thoughts: Even though I am paying to go to class I do not take advantage of the valuable resources that can be obtained by actively listening to lectures and that makes me feel kind of guilty. But I am completely happy with my grades so far (on the honour role) and the semester is almost over.

I think it is not the responsible thing to do but I feel that I am getting what I need from the courses and I am proud of my accomplishments. My learning style does not always include verbal reinforcement. Most of the time my best learning comes from just reading the text.

Your Thoughts: What do you think? Is it wrong that I am not going to class? Or is it okay? Does it matter?
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  1. i know exactly how you feel...

    even if i like the class i will skip it.

    why, you ask?

    i don't really know. i think it's the rebel in me.

  2. It's been 5 years since I was a university student, but I know exactly what you mean.

    I did a bachelor of commerce - accounting major. There were a few lectures that I skipped - the second hour of my second year Marketing class, and just about every second International Business class. The lecturers were just reading off the powerpoints, which we had printed anyway.

    When I got to the exams at the end of the semester I often saw people I'd never seen before - I guess they were the ones who learned best by studying on their own.

    It depends on the learning style that's best for you really.

    By the way - thanks for your comment on my cross stitch blog.

  3. My college experience is probably much different than yours. They set up my elementary education program as a cohort. For two years (four semesters) I have every class with the same 35 other students. We have class two days a week for almost 12 hours total. We also spend a minimum of 6 hours in an elementary school classroom each week.
    We have each class only once a week. This makes it difficult to ditch since so much is required of us.
    I also find it easier to go to class because I have befriended my classmates. I go often for the social aspect.
    I also find it easier once I'm there to stay if I involve myself in the lecture. I raise my hand often to comment, clarify, and ask questions. It personalizes the experience for me.


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