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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hangover Cures the College Way

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The fall semester is starting and that means college parties are back on! Now before you hit the beer bong and get trashed off your ass, let me indulge you in a critical warning (aren't I always looking out for you?). You must prepare for (brace yourself) . . . THE HANGOVER! That's right, I don't just give you great ideas for getting and being bombed.

Thinking Ahead

The best remedies begin with preparing your body for the binge (come on, everyone cool does it ;P). Eat a good, light meal before you drink (no pizza or other crap you can see yourself puking up later). On the contrary, if you don't eat before your drink, your body is more susceptible to the alcohol and can actually get you drunk faster. But that's not recommended if you want to avoid the hangover.

Drink lots of nonalcholic liquid before and during binging. You need to keep your body hydrated. Alcohol actually steals water from your body and you need to replace it (usually all of those piss breaks amount to more than your body is intaking).

Let's Get the Party Started has some useful tips for helping prevent the hangover while your drinking: have only when alcoholic drink per hour (yeah, that's going to happen), alternate each drink with nonalcoholic drinks (yeah . . . right), and don't drink cheap booze (oh, come on, we're college students). Click here for more information.
Most importantly, "Beer before liquor, never sicker. Liquor before beer, you're in the clear".

The Morning After

If that doesn't work, (don't worry I don't actually expect you to do all of those buzz killers), here are some cures: drink lots of water, no more alcohol, stay in bed, take aspirin, try to eat a small, light meal, and do not drink coffee.


As an alternative to the hangover cure there are some questionable recommendations. I don't now if they work but I have heard you can drink tomato juice with some lime, or even have the same drink you had the night before to balance your system (but I don't believe that). There are, supposedly, medicinal pills specifically for hangovers too.

Bottom of the Bottle

You can either get trashed off your ass and suffer a wicked hangover, or take it slow and have not so much fun.

Happy Drinking! Best Blogger Tips
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  1. I have to disagree... my dad always told me the BEST hangover cure is more alcohol! Obviously not enough to get you drunk, a single beer or glass of wine, even a shot if you can stomach it. Then again, we are 100% Polish and he could totally be lying ;)

  2. Yeah, that's what they say in Quebec too. I've also heard you should make a drink with tomatoe juice and alcohol/beer. Whatever it was sounded really gross.


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