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Friday, April 3, 2009

Bottled Water

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There is a lot of contraversy going on about bottled water. Some people say "What's wrong with tap water?" and others say "Oh, Dasani is so gross, I prefer Aquafina".

I drink bottle water because I'm afraid of tap water, even though I use it for cooking. I think all of the hype about tap water being filled with harsh chemicals, germs, and diseases has freaked me out. If I run out of bottled water I will fill the bottles up with water from the fridge, but it has needed a new filter for like a year now. And for some reason I am okay drinking that water instead (but only if there is one of those flavour packets in it). As for brands, I dont care what it is as long as its on sale. Accept now people are saying the plastic bottles are bad for the enviroment. Click the picture above to learn more about bottled water.

What do you think about bottled water? Best Blogger Tips
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