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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free and Simple Weight Watchers Program

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The Weight Watchers program is a diet plan that requires you to carefully record and control what you eat and how many points to allocate to each thing you eat. This program costs $40 to sign up and $22 each month, plus all of the necessary books and materials. But you get more support, resources and help.

If you want to try the program, or make it your own, there are some simple steps you can do that won't cost you anything. All it takes is a little dedication and willingness to track everything you eat. In the long run, it allows you to learn more about food, your body, organization, planning and self control. With some hard work you can actually lose weight.

Step 1: Calculate your recommended points for the day

ADD POINTS: You will add all of these point up to figure out how many weight watchers points you can have in a day.

Male - 8 pts
Female - 2 pts

17-26 - 4 pts
27-37 - 3 pts
38-47 - 2 pts
48-58 - 1 pt
over 58 - 0 pts

Use the first 2 digits of your weight - for example - if you weigh 145 then use 14 pts

If you spend most of your day:
Sitting down - 0 pts
Occasionally sitting but mostly standing - 1 pt
Walking most of the time - 2 pts
Doing physical work most of the time - 3 pts

You also get an extra 35 points during the week, which you can use all at once, or spread out over the week. (you can use these for drinking nights and eating out)

Step 2: Set a goal

For a few days eat only as many points as recommended for your body. Then you can begin reducing your points to begin losing weight. For example, if you have 20 points you may wish to reduce it to 15.

Step 3: Calculate points. (Your points include anything you consume, including drinks)

CLICK HERE for a free points calculator. You only need to know the calories, grams of fat, and fibre.

If you don't know this informations, visit WebMD for a Food-O-Meter that can find the nutritional value of almost any food.

Step 4: Record your points

It is easiest to write everything in a notebook
1. Write the date
2. Write the time of each meal, snack, or drink
3. Write the total points of each meal, snack, or drink
4. Total the points for the day
5. If you have points left over at the end of the day, add them to your "Bank" of 35 points for the week. If you go over your goal, subtract them from your bank.


  • Pay attention to serving sizes
  • Remember that all good diets include exercise
  • Plan out healthy meals and snacks which actually allow you to eat more. Click Here for weight watchers recipes.
  • Drinking water instead of soft drinks, juice, coffee, beer, etc. frees up a lot of points
  • When grocery shopping switch to low fat/calorie products. It can make a big difference.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food really well. This will give your body better digestion and time to tell you that you are full.

Good luck and feel free to ask me any questions. I'll do my best to find you an accurate and credible answer.

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