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Friday, April 17, 2009

Best Place to Buy Furniture

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College students are often on a very tight budget, as am I. For the past three years I have been trying to break free from my parents house and find a place of my own. But I just haven't been able to save enough money. Now my plan is to move out before the fall semester starts or a year later when I graduate.

Over the years I have bought many household items in preparation for moving out on my own. I have almost everything I need: dishes, silverware, pots and pans, kitchen towels, scissors, tuperware, toaster, spatuals and such, a small sofa, a microwave, etc. I got most of these things from Walmart and some from the dollar store. I bought the expensive items when they were on sale and I saved a lot of money. I recommend this to anybody that is planning to move out of their parent's home or dorm within the next few years. Just look at flyers and watch for good sales. It can be kind of fun if you're obsessive like me!

Next I need to think about furniture. Every year I get the Ikea catalogue and read through every page twice and write down everything I like that fits my budget. I think it is a really great store for students moving out on their own. It has more selection and style then Walmart's furniture. And what I really like is that there are so many levels and options for budgets. You can go really cheap or expensive. That way you can buy something cheap to start and upgrade as you have more money.

You should consider Ikea for your furniture and decorating needs. If you do not have the catalogue you can visit their website ( Just remember, often you get what you pay for. Some items you may wish to spend a little more for more quality and durablility (bedframe for example). Also be careful to read the details of the product to make sure you are getting everything you expect (headboard with the bedframe for example).

Here are some things I think are great and available at a great price.

SMEDTSA Swivel Chair $50

KLOBO loveseat $199

BILLY bookcase $69

LACK coffee table $29.99

MORKER table lamp $6.99

AGNARYD picture $8.99

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  2. Thanks for the link. They have some nice products.

  3. Buying Furniture Online can be really tricky now a days with the choices being so vast.


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