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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kenny vs Spenny: Real or Fake Friendship?

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Kenny Vs Spenny is a Canadian show on Showcase on Fridays at 9:30pm. Two best friends battle each other through different competitions each season (tonight's competition is 'who can piss off more people?'). The loser must endure a humiliation chosen by the winner.

They live together in Toronto and claim to be really good friends. But watching the show you wonder how they can still remain friends after the torture they put each other through.

Actually, if you have seen the show you know that Kenny is the one that tortures Spenny. He cheats any way he can and will do anything to jeopardize Spenny's chance at winning.

Spenny approaches each competition by abiding by the rules and playing fairly. He works hard to try to win the competition legitimately. Yet Kenny wins more often.

Kenny will go to extremes to entertain his audience. He has slipped Spenny drugs such as laxatives and even acid. He has locked him in a closet for more than a day. He has mailed him a fake letter telling him he might have AIDS. And he ruined his relationship with a really nice girl.

So after all of that (and the frequent beatings) how do they manage to be friends? You probably have your own opinions but I have a few theories.

Firstly, one could argue that Kenny isn't really that mean to Spenny after all. In some instances you can see that Kenny cares about him. For example, when he locked him in a closet he felt guilty during his whole trip to Niagara Falls and came back early to let him out. So Kenny might have a heart. Is his behaviour just an act to entertain us? Maybe he doesn't like doing those things to Spenny.

Secondly, the whole show and their relationship could be fake. Maybe they are just actors and all of the competitions are set up.

I, personally, don't think the second theory is too likely. But I don't understand how they manage to still be friends. Spenny does not seem okay with how Kenny treats him. If they are friends now, it might not be long until one of them goes crazy. Do they think the show is worth risking their friendship?

What do you think? Is their relationship real? Do you think Spenny is mistreated, or "boys will be boys"?

Click the pic below to watch "Who can sell more bibles" (part one of three)

And visit their website if you have nothing better to do at

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