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Sunday, April 12, 2009


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Rev is a great drink for parties. I drink it all of the time. It is a blue cooler with cola, vodka, and guarana. According to the ingredients there is vanilla, cherry, pineapple, and raspberry flavours. But they are hard to distinguish. They come in 4packs and recently in single, jumbo bottles. This is my favourite store-bought drink. I have had hundreds of them in the past few years. Luckily, you get your ten cent deposit back!

You can check out the website,, it sucks. But you have to try the drink. Best Blogger Tips
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  1. haha woa, i've never heard of this! Have you ever made gin bucket? I'm sure you have, and everyone's varies, but our special mix is vault, fresca, lemonade, and limeade. YUM! Plus the obvious, Gin. haha

  2. Actually I haven't heard of it. Is it an American thing? I don't like Gin anyway. I pretty much just like vodka, white rum, and beer.


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