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Monday, February 23, 2009

Movie Trivia/Mistakes

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I love movies. But I am one of those people that sometimes can't keep my mouth shut. I love to point out things in the movie that don't make sense or are not realistic. But cartoons drive me crazy because I'm constantly trying to guess the actors that do the voices. That's why I like the IMDB website so much because I can look up the voices if I want to see if I'm right.

Can you tell which actor plays this character in Tropic Thunder?

IMDB also has movie trivia!

Another website that's cool is It can be really interesting. Some movies, like the Titanic, Labrynth, and the Shining, have hundreds of mistakes. But, in the past, I have read some movie mistakes that I didn't think were mistakes, but deliberate. And some of the mistakes are stupid - - - who cares? I guess some of these people don't have lives and can pick out some of the smallest mistakes.
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  1. the big mistake in "Titanic" was hitting that iceberg.

  2. OMG i do the same thing!! I often get shushed because I'm like "OH c'mon, that would never happen" or, even worse, I took a class that pointed out discontinuities in movies, like when they cut away and the next scene doesn't match up. OOOh that irks me! haha so I can totally relate. Thanks for the websites, those will definitely come in handy!

  3. I have to say...Tom Cruise was HILARIOUS in Tropic Thunder!


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