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Monday, August 24, 2009

Lene Lovich

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I borrowed a CD from my parents a few years ago, Lene Lovich's Stateless. . . Plus from, I believe, the late 70's (see image below). And I thought it was great and unique. From the CD booklet she looked like a plain gothic girl but her music was really upbeat. Then I looked her up on YouTube. And was surprised to see the results (see video below). She is a complete freak! I like her even more now. Let me know what you think about Lene Lovich.

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  1. Think she's weird? Google Nina Hagen. The two of them had a song together called Don't Kill The Animals.

  2. My favourite songs from the album are Lucky Number and I Think We're Alone Now which is a cover song.

  3. I learned some interesting facts from Wikipedia. Lene was born in Detroit but lived and performed in England. Her trademark hairstyle started when she put her hair up when sculpting in school. She recorded screams for horror movies, likely because of the high notes she can reach.


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