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Friday, August 7, 2009

Disturbing New Doll

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Fury over girls breastfeed toy
August 7, 2009

A DISTURBING new doll that lets young girls pretend to BREASTFEED has been criticised by The Royal College of Midwives.
Spanish toymaker Berjuan has launched the bizarre toy that comes with a special top to feed your 'baby'.
The Bebe Gloton — meaning greedy baby — has already sparked outrage among parents.
They condemned the bra-like halter top featuring symbolic flowers instead of nipples.
It has been claimed that the toy could even promote early pregnancy.
A video showing how the toy works has been posted on YouTube.
One user slammed it and said: "Honestly, I think this is awful. I think breastfeeding is wonderful and wholeheartedly encourage it. However it is completely inappropriate to allow a young girl to mimic it."
The Sun's Dr Carol Cooper condemned the doll.
She said: "I think dolls in general can be very good. They bring out the caring side in children.
"But I think this is a step too far. It does not encourage breastfeeding. I don't think that you need to promote to little girls pregnancy, periods, sex - all these things are natural.
"And I am worried that some girls will find the toy so enjoyable that they can't wait to have their own babies when they are too young."

Uproar over breast-feeding doll

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