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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Legalize Marijuana, Criminalize Alcohol

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There is a lot of controversy about weed being legalized. I believe it should be legalized. While I am not a fan of how our government spends tax payers' money, they could earn a lot of revenue by collecting taxes on sales of marijuana. The country will also save a lot of money because the police don't have to waste their time filling out paperwork just because someone smoked a joint. And I believe that decriminalizing weed would make it less attractive to teens that smoke it to rebel against authorities.

I do think, however, that there should be restrictions, such as a maximum amount you can carry, no smoking in public, age limit, laws against driving under the influence (generally, laws similar to those of alcohol).

When you compare the effects of alcohol to marijuana, I think that alcohol can impair your judgement more than an equivalent amount of weed. What I mean is that I think that people under the influence of weed are more aware/under control compared to people that have been drinking.

Most people that smoke weed become very calm and peaceful. They rarely want to cause mischief and can be easily entertained with mundane things. Whereas drinkers are ready to party and cause shit. Drinkers are also more likely to become angry and violent and want to drive places.

When it comes to health, I don't think pot makes you dumb. It can have negative long term effects if the substance is abused, but so can drinking.

I think a room full of stoned people are less likely to do something illegal than a room full of drunk people. Therefore, I think the world would be a better place if marijuana was legalized and alcohol was criminalized. Not that I want booze to be banned. Best Blogger Tips
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