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Friday, June 5, 2009

Celebrity Look-A-Like Show

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This show has auditions for celebrity look-a-likes and then gives them a makeover. But I think they don't do as nearly as good of a job as they could. For example, there are some people that walk in looking a lot like a celebrity and at the photo shoot at the end of the day they look LESS like the celebrity. The photographer just doesn't capture the right angles. They SUCK sometimes. I think the show could be really good if they had a style team that was better at their job and they had more serious auditions.
However, I find the show to be addictive so I watch it almost everyday and get pissed off every day. Why can't I stop?!
I think that this was a good one. It could have been better if they reshaped her eyebrows.

Click Here to visit their website for more transformations and some style tips.

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