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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wendy Wear on Plus-Sized Labels

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After reading the article from my previous post I found that the United States is considering doing the same. Wendy Wear, a plus-sizd clothing designer, was on Fox news to say her bit about the absurd proposal. She even mentioned something I had said about the issue (why not put labels on small sizes?). The video is below, you can also visit Wendy's blog.

It seems the consensus is that this idea of warning labels on clothing is insulting and degrading. The only person that seems to be for it is that crazy professor guy that started the whole thing.

Note to College Students: This just goes to show that not all professors are right about everything. When your in class listening to lectures just remember that you do not have to take everything your professors say as gospel. You can disagree with their ideas, philosophies, and opinions.

Politicians are listening to this UK guy because he is a credible source with education to credit his theory and of course they are concerned about money. But the fact is that the average person can see that this is an incredibly stupid idea and isn't going to help shit! Best Blogger Tips
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