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Friday, February 20, 2009

Reading Week

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For some students Reading Week is just ending. But for my school it has just started! Horray! Actually this Reading Week is gonna suck. No vacations for me. Everyday is going to be booked with work, group meetings, studying, and homework. But I am going to fit in some down time and a couple of drinking nights (I can't let the whole week go to waste). My overall goal is to get as much done this week so I won't be freaking out because of deadlines and midterms in the weeks after that.

York Update:
I'm so greatful for Reading Week, especially because not all students get one this semester. York Univeristy has decided that students won't get the break because there is no way then can catch up with it.

If you are in the same boat as me and have a lot of homework to do for reading week I suggest that you revist some of these older posts:
1. If you have a busy week --> Keeping an Organized Schedule
2. If you have midterms to prepare for --> Don’t Wait to Write Study Notes and 8 Exam Preparation Tips

Or if you have a lot of time to kill check out the featured Everday Living and Entertainment posts in the right column of this page. I recommend Alien Adoption Agency, a free online game, or pick up a book/watch a movie (refer to Recommended Reads and Recommended Movies).

My overall advice about Reading Week, if you are not going on vacation, use this time to catch up or get ahead in your work, but also remember to take some time to relax because final exams will be here before we know it! Best Blogger Tips
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