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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jury Duty? Are you kidding me?!!!

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I got jury duty! I can't believe it. I received a letter at the end of January with a date, time and location for the selection process. But I'm in school and don't have time for this bull that can take weeks (it could blow my whole semester).

So I called the juror office and they said that they didn't know that I was a student and they would postpone the date. I got a call a couple of days ago . . . it was extended until June (which falls in the beginning of my summer break).

That may sound fine but now my problem is that I need the summer to work my ass off so I can pay back loans and save for the fall semester. I don't think they'll care about that though. And even if I was lucky and it was postponed until after my schooling, I still need to work my ass off to pay back the rest of my loans before serious interest kicks in.

So I'm screwed. I'm relieved that I don't have to do it during school but I still need to work in between. I know it's my duty but it f***ing sucks! They have made me so mad by putting me through all of this worrying. If it had happened at a good time I would have loved the experience.

So I have been researching some ways to get out of it. It should already help that I'm going to be in a miserable mood. I heard that you should act really smart, stubborn, over confident, unstable and you should jump to conclusions and make assumptions.

You must think I am an ass for bitching about it like this, it has just come at the worst time.
Has anyone else had an experience with jury duty? Do you know of any ideas to get out of it (I wont do anything drastic, I can be pretty shy)? Best Blogger Tips
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  1. I haven't had any experience with Jury Duty. But the movie with Pauly Shore sure was a classic! Good luck!

  2. Neither have I, but my roommate got a letter for it over out winter break, I'm not sure exactly what went down but I remember her thinking the same way, like wtf I don't have time for this!! Good luck, and keep us posted in case this ever happens to us!!


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