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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why You Should Get A Job

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Having a job while you're in school is a great way to earn some extra income. There are 3 main reasons you should get a job:

1. Increase Your Quality of Living
You can use the extra money  for having more fun while you are at school. It's great to have cash for dates, parties, and school breaks. You'll also be able to afford more and better things such as food and clothing.

2. Pay Your Bills
If you're like most people, "mommy and daddy" aren't paying your whole way through school, you'll need money to pay bills such as rent, cellphone, car insurance, internet, tuition, and books.  Having a job well help keep your bill payments on track.

3. Prepare for your future
If you think you don't need a job because your school/living costs are covered, you are wrong. Even if you are receiving assistance, loans, bursaries, etc it is a good idea to get a job. You can keep this money in a a savings account/savings bonds to help pay off loans after graduation. You can also save up for something like a new car.

It's best to balance your earnings. For example, you could use a little for fun, most towards school costs, and some into savings. But you need a balance that works for you. Start by covering all necessities like tuition, books, supplies, rent, groceries, and transportation. Then you can use any extra money for things like entertainment and shopping. If possible try to keep some for savings. It's important to have a financial plan in mind for after graduation.

In future posts I will help you prepare for and find a job. Best Blogger Tips
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