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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Textbooks: Tip #1 Buy Used

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Let's face it. Textbooks are outrageously expensive. But there are a few things we can do to save some big bucks.

Tip #1 Buy Used Books

If they are available try to buy your textbooks used. A lot of people think used books are out-dated, the pages have been highlighted to death, and are, overall, in terrible condition. But this is not always the case, you can find up-to-date books that are very-gently used. Here is a list of places you can find them:

  • Campus Bookstores: Some schools allow students to sell their rarely used textbooks back to the school. At first glance they appear new but you can save up to 50%. Whenever I found a used copy of a book I needed, I grabbed it before they were all gone. In every case I never once found a mark, tear, or missing pages.
  • Students: Some students try to sell their books on their own. Look for postings on your school website, Facebook, your student email, and flyers around campus. These books are usually up-to-date editions because they were purchased the prior semester. 
  • Online: When used books were not available on campus I look online. Just remember that you may have to pay for shipping and you will have to wait for delivery. Also be sure that it is the right book (author, ISBN, publication date, edition) and that you trust the seller. There are several places to buy used book. These are the best:,,,
Please leave a comment if you have any tips or stories about buying used books! Best Blogger Tips
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