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Friday, December 5, 2008

Don’t Wait to Write Study Notes

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Complicated Exam Schedule: This semester I had an unusual exam schedule. I had an exam on Thursday from 2pm to 5pm and another than night from 6pm to 9pm. The next morning I had an exam at 8am to 11am. Because the exams were so close together, and my work schedule wasn’t too flexible, I had only two days to study for all three exams.

Study Recommendations:
* I recommend at least 8 hours of studying per class for final exams.
* Focus on areas that the professor had highlighted during lectures/review and omit material that is not included on the exam. When you can, do self-test questions via the Web, your text book, past tests and assignments.
* I find it helpful to write study notes that highlight areas of difficulty. Or if it is a complex class, I will write summary notes on every chapter/lecture.

The Challenge: I did not have enough time to study as I would have liked.

The Solution: I prepared for this challenge by writing most of my notes near the end of the semester (before exams began). I am going to follow this tactic next year by writing study notes each week to avoid the panic and distress of trying to scramble down notes. This will also result in better quality notes because they are written as the material is learned and more time is available to write them. At the end of semester you can go over the notes and make changes (ie crossing out unnecessary info, or adding more detail).

Discussion: Do you recommend any quick study tips?

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