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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Gifts Under $10

Best Blogger Tips
Simple Solutions: This is a list of gifts I think would be nice if you were planning on spending $10 or less:
Handmade craft
Cookie/Brownie/Soup mix in a jar
Gift Card
Journal and fancy pen
Plant in a pot
Coffees/Teas in a mug
Tin with homemade baked goods
Coupon booklet
Picture frame with family photos
Hairbrush, hair elastics, and hair clips
Nail Polish, nail file, and nail clippers
Basket with assorted fruits
Basket with assorted chocolates
Lottery ticket/Scratch tickets
Fancy candle and candle holder
Framed pressed flowers
Mini booze candies
Box of chocolates
Bag of almonds, pistachios, cashews, or an assortment
Stationary Set
Charm necklace/bracelet
Tin of cookies
A book
Deck of cards and book about card games

Make it Fancy: These gifts can be decorated with nice wrapping to make them look nicer and more expensive. For example, you can buy a fancy $10 chocolate bar and then wrap it with shiny paper, tie ribbons around it, and add a homemade name tag. Here are some other ideas:
- use ribbon
- add bows
- use nice, or shiny, wrapping paper
- wrap jars and baskets in cellophane
- put gift in a box with tissue paper
- make Christmas card/label
- buy baskets/tins from dollar store to put gifts in
- add family photos for a personal touch

Remember: Keep an eye out for sales and bargains. You can often find really nice gifts at a much lower price. And whatever your budget, remember that people will understand that you’re a college student and you may not have a lot of extra cash. If you are not seeing certain people for a Christmas get-together, simply sending a card will do.

Resources: Here is a list of resources that havemore ideas for Christmas shopping on a budget.
Better Budgeting: 63 Gift Ideas for Under $10
XTreme Geek: Gifts Under $10
Gooseberry Patch: Christmas Gift Ideas
ezinearticles: Homemade Christmas Gifts and Decorations for Under $10

Discussion: What is your favourite gift to give, under $10? Best Blogger Tips
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  1. I may not be in college (though im thinking about it i graduated high school june 2007 so if i started college right after high school like most college students do id be a sophmore in college im about to be 20 in february) but this and the grocery blog and stuff...this is useful to any adult with financal situations. I really like your blog good luck with college!


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