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Friday, October 31, 2008

Scariest Movies

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I had mentioned I like to watch horror movies on Halloween. I used to (in my early teens) love all horror movies and no amount of gore or disturbing material could upset me. But now things have changed. I can barely handle even the tamest ones, it’s embarrassing. Horror movies that frighten me the most, but I’ll make an exception for on Halloween, are:

Zombie Movies
- 28 Weeks Later
- 28 Days Later
- Day of the Dead
- Dawn of the Dead

Japanese Movies
- Ringu
- Ringu 0
- Rasen
- Eye 2
- The Grudge

Scary Movies I will not watch under ANY circumstance:
- American remake of the Ring
- American remake of the Grudge
- Nightmare on Elmstreet
- any Saw movies

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1 comment:

  1. I have never seen the originals of the ring and the grudge, but I have to admit that I think the American remakes aren't that scary. The grudge 1 was confusing at fist. The second time I saw it I realized how disturbing it was, and it didn't scare me... just left me feeling less happy. The second grudge movie was so funny I thought it was a spoof or they got confused and forgot to put it in the comedy section, because I was laughing so hard, about to pee my pants, at how stupid it was. The ring... was a typical scary movie that I got bored with very fast. Those others on your list I have never seen, but I think some/most are rated R, and I don't watch those, but I do love scary movies, just as long as I can leave and go to sleep after. ;D


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